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New Perspectives - Jun, 1999 Issue #58 

Dickson, Tennessese
Dana Conner, Coordinator
(615) 740-0258

“Therapeutic Transports, has been founded on the ideal of beginning the therapeutic process as soon as a professional begins interacting with a child. We use no mechanical or chemical restraints. There are some kids that we do not want to transport due to there being little to no chance for any therapeutic value to be derived from the experience. However, we believe that most of the kids going to placement, unless displaying acute behavior, can be dealt with in a manner that provides an easier transition than the methods currently being utilized.”

The Program Coordinator, Dana Conner, has a background in adolescent counseling, and states: “During my experience working with this population, I have found several things which could have been done differently in order to maximize the therapeutic value of treatment. One of these things is the way kids are transported to a therapeutic placement. There are many examples of times when some personal attention and assessment of the individual situation would have enabled a much more positive intervention to be designed. Therapeutic Transports has been founded on the idea of beginning the therapeutic process as soon as a professional begins interacting with a child.”

“Our agents are all trained in de-escalation techniques such as PMAB, CPI, etc. They all have training in CPR and First Aid. All transports are assessed as individual situations and an appropriate plan is implemented for that individual. We believe in using the least restrictive means necessary, however, providing a secure transport is our first priority! So far we have achieved this balance as displayed by our transport record: no injuries, elopements, or any type of unsuccessful transports.”

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