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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1999 Issue (page 2).

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(April 9, 1999, Burlington, Ontario), G. Colin Rayner, speaking for Temagami Wilderness Center, offices in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 905-632-9458, announced several modifications to their wilderness program. 1) Enrollment will be restricted to youth ages 13 to 17, and will no longer enroll those 18 or older. 2) The program is being expanded from five weeks to eight weeks, with the last three weeks emphasizing reintegration. 3) There will no longer be a schooling component, although students can earn two school credits for their wilderness activities through the Robert Land Academy. 4) Students will now spent virtually all their time in wilderness travel and living, with only short stints of less than 24 hours, back at the main facility. And 5), the program will emphasize long-term follow-up to the parents to try to avoid recidivism problems. 

(April 9, 1999) Scott Young, from Alaska, has been hired as the new Headmaster at Crater Lake School, 888-774-8724, Starting June 1st, replacing Eric Thomas who will be moving back to Idaho to be closer to family. Dr. Melnick has been hired as psychiatrist since founder Dr. David Giem has not been able to spend as much time on campus as he would like due to health problems. 

(April 12, 1999) Musiker Tours & Summer Discovery, 516-621-3939, info@summerfun.com, announced there is still limited space on their summer pre-college programs, which includes Action Europe, Golf America and Georgetown University. They have numerous letters from previous participants asserting that their Musiker and Discovery experiences “left them much more confident, knowledgeable and ready than their peers to thrive in a college environment.” 

(April 12, 1999) The New York City Board of Education voted last fall to prohibit laser pointers in schools. The reason given was some students would shine a red dot on others in fun, but a laser focused on an eye for several seconds can damage the retina, and can make students and teachers feel like they’re being targeted for a bullet. 

(April 13, 1999) The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), 703-591-4850, is moving their offices. They will close their current office Friday, April 23rd, and reopen in the new offices Monday, April 26th at 3251 Old Lee Highway, Suite 510, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. 

(April 14, 1999) Heidi Goldsmith, Ex. Dir. Of the Coalition for Residential Education (CORE), Washington D.C., 202-966-4303, icrehg@aol.com, announced the formation of core as “an association and advocacy group of existing and newly developing residential schools for at-risk children and youth, and supporters of this option for young people.” The first national conference is planned April 2000, hosted by Girard College in Philadelphia. 

(April 5, 1999) Matthew C. Procino, Contract Course Sales for Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, Boston, Massachusetts, 617-328-3900, announced their 22-day summer intercept courses for 13 to 18 year old Boston area at-risk students will run from July 4 to 25, 1999, and August 8 to 29, 1999. 

(April 19, 1999) Peter Boeschenstein, Director of Gray Wolf Ranch, Port Townsend, Washington, 800-571- 5505, a 60-day half-way house for young men graduating from drug treatment, announced the school is completing construction of a 2,000 square foot Annex Building which will facilitate bringing their population up to 17 and completes plans for that property. They are now looking at starting what he calls a three-quarters house on a separate property this summer for graduates of Gray Wolf Ranch who could use some oversight, but no longer need clinical intervention. Since this anticipated program would allow appropriate students to stay indefinitely, the combination of the two programs gives Gray Wolf Ranch the option of providing a long term safe structure for young men needing longer than just 60 or 90 days follow-up to treatment. OLSON RECOVERING (April 21, 1999) Larry Dean Olson, Co-Founder of Anasazi Foundation, a wilderness program in Arizona, 602-892-7403, is active and making a full recovery from an unexpected stay in the hospital brought about by a ruptured hernia. 

(April 22, 1999) John Reddan, Acting Director of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), 805-687-5825, said he has about 53 applications for membership so far. 

(April 23, 1999) The University of Idaho Wilderness Research Center, under the direction of Director John C. Hendee, at Moscow, Idaho, 208-885-2267, in cooperation with members of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council (OBHIC), set in motion the preliminaries to establishing an Academic-Industry Wilderness Therapy Research Cooperative. Current members of OBHIC are Three Springs, SUWS, Catherine Freer, Anasazi, SunHawk Academy, Aspen Achievement Academy, Obsidian Services and Redcliff Ascent. 

(April 23, 1999) A Michael DeSisto, Founder of DeSisto School, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 413-298-4032, announced their Summer ’99 Cabaret opens on July 4th weekend with Karen Mason, known for her role as ‘Norma Desmond’ in “Sunset Boulevard,” followed by several professional performers during July and August. Their Dinner Theatre will open July 6th with the show “Love and Marriage” and August will feature “An Evening of Mad Dogs and Englishmen,” a review of Noel Coward ending August 26th. 

(April 25, 1999) Judith E. Greenberg, Founder and Director of SchoolFinders, a division of Carey-Greenberg Assoc., Potomac, Maryland and Washington D.C., 301-230-9010 & 202-518-8298, a national consulting firm, in 1995, states its mission as “to help you find the right private school and to help your child get through the interviews and the transition to a new school. Families planning to stay with the public school system may find the use of our advocacy for children to be of help. We offer references to ed./psych testing, tutors and therapists. School Finders also helps families with college selection, applications, essays and interviews.” Greenberg has 30 years experience in education, and is the author and co-author of 38 educational books for children and teens. 

(April 26, 1999) Lorri Hanna, co-Director of Soltreks, Duluth, Minn., 218-525-5803, soltreks@computerpro.com, announced they will be doing two 6-week sessions for youth ages 13-17. The first session runs from June 14 to July 24, and the second session runs from July 12 to August 21. This student empowering program is done against the activities of “Backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, and biking along the North Shore of Lake Superior, and in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Northern Minnesota.” 

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