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Quotes - Dec , 1999 Issue

"Science proceeds by standing on the shoulders of the person before you.  Psychology proceeds by standing on the other person's face."
- Sigmund Koch
In Britain results from a major longitudinal study of 17,000 children born in 1958 reveal that those in stepfamilies not only experienced far worse outcomes that did children who grew up with their two biological parents but also, on almost every measurement, experienced worse outcomes than did children from single-parent homes.
- Kathleen E Keirnan, 1992
"It is difficult, if not impossible, for those who do not perform to be good judges of the performances of others."
- Aristotle
"There's so much comedy on television.  Does that cause comedy in the streets?"
- Dick Cavett
"The danger of technical education, Plato clearly saw, as many see today, is that a particular technique or narrow scientific study tends to become an end in itself, cramping the mind of the student and limiting his vision to a point where he remains unaware that his technology and the machines which he makes, have become his master not his servant."
- E.B. Castle, 1961
"The problem (with parents) is not usually gross negligence but rather a kind of moral indifference, and the consequences are no less visible in our better schools than our more troubled ones. Where once schools and parents generally joined forces to help a child understand how he erred, endure the penalty, and conform to educational and social norms, today's parents go to great lengths...to keep their child from suffering the consequence of his own actions.
- Chester E Finn Jr., 1999
"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."
- Cornelius Tacitus, 55-122 AD
"When responsibility is not accompanied by authority, accountability becomes a farce."
- Paul D Houston, 1998
"I believe in the existence of a great, immortal, immutable principle of natural law...which proves the absolute right to an education of every human being that comes into the world, and which, of course, prove the correlative duty of every government to see that the means of that education are provided for all..."
- Horace Mann, 1846
"Finally, there will be absolutely no need of such punishment [blows] if the master is a thorough disciplinarian."
- Quintillian, 95 AD

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