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New Perspectives - Dec, 1999 Issue #64 

Infinity Agency
Randy Cook
435-674-5732 (Office) 435-703-0737 (Cell)

According to Randy Cook, owner and operator of Infinity Agency, a youth transport service, he only uses “qualified staff who share a common purpose of desiring to “make a difference.” Some of his staff are parents who “have been there, done that.” Other staff currently work, or have worked for at-risk-teens’ facilities or as former law enforcement personnel. 

He offers the “Story of my life…” to explain why he started a transport company: “At one point in my life I was in the same boat as the kids some of you work with to heal, and guide. Or, if you’re a parent, “I was your kid!” I was only motivated by my anger, drugs, or “what’s in it for me?” I was on a path of complete self-destruction. Like most kids, once I started this cycle, I did not know how to end it. I made an effort at breaking this cycle by running away. I figured this would put the distance between my family and I that was needed to break our tension. I was seriously mistaken. My cycle of self-destruction just became more intense. My life was in rapid free fall. It was only a matter of time before I hit bottom. In reality, I knew I needed to go back to my family. Yet, it seemed impossible to me to face them, given the shame and hatred I had placed on myself as a runaway. “I came from a great family; sure we had some tough times. I was just another middle class kid from the suburbs that went astray, no different than most of the teenage population in America. I just got lost in the ocean of life. 

“What I did not know was my Mom had recognized my end was near, and had determined she was going to find a way for me to break this vicious cycle. She found a long-term program that would give me an opportunity to completely get away from my surroundings. At the time she alone could never afford it. She was a cashier at Nordstrom’s struggling just to make ends meet. She cared enough to make it happen. 

“This began my journey of life change and empowerment. She had me transported from San Diego to St. George, UT. I remember the night I arrived. I went to take a shower and I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself, “Here we go buddy...finally your chance to do something new.” Deep down inside I was so excited, yet, I made it a point to prove to everyone I hated it, because of the fear of change. I spent 20 months in a school in Western Samoa, the most beautiful and serene place I have ever been to. This gave me an opportunity for change. It was the turning point in my life. 

“In my journey I discovered that I had a passion to assist other families in their journeys, as well. Since graduating from my program, I have remained focused on that passion. This has included working as a case manager for two schools, assisting in the opening of two schools, working closely with parent groups, being a motivational speaker, and being on staff for adult, youth and family seminars. I also have been involved in hundreds of teen interventions and transports. 

“With every student I have transported as owner and operator of Infinity Agency, I feel privileged to be lending a hand that begins their healing process. Because I am focused on that purpose, I have maintained a flawless record. I am not there to overpower the student, but I am there to make sure they will get off to a great start. Since I have been in their shoes, we think alike. I know why their heart is beating so rapidly when I enter their room. I know how to react or what to say to them so they can feel safe. It’s a powerful statement to them knowing I was once in their shoes, that they too can be in control of their own destiny. “

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