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New Perspectives - Oct, 1999 Issue #62 

A Family of  Treatment Programs  

3140 Harbor Lane, Suite 100
Plymouth, MN 55447-5146
Gwen Chynoweth
Corporate Communications Manager

“For over 25 years, Nexus has been helping behaviorally and emotionally disturbed youth become safe, healthy, and productive members of their communities. Boys and girls, ages 8 through 19, are referred to Nexus Treatment Programs by mental health workers, social workers, probation officers, judges, and county attorneys for treatment that works. Nexus is the largest provider of treatment country-wide to sexually aggressive and reactive youth. Treatment models are specifically designed to address youth who display self-defeating or harmful behaviors related to sexuality. Nexus is nationally known for its work in this area. 

“The merger of Nexus and Gerard Treatment Programs has been underway now for several months. In a move that is unique to the industry, Nexus acquired Gerard Treatment Programs earlier this year to form a not-for-profit organization that provides five residential treatment facilities for youth and seven community- based out patient offices in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Gerard will continue to provide its high quality psychiatric and mental health programs for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. They also offer a short-term intensive care program that provides step-down treatment for children who have had a hospital placement and/or need additional intensive services before returning to the community. 

“Gerard’s Family-Centered Services provide community-based treatments to individuals, couples and/or families with children from infancy to age 21. They include Intensive In-Home Services, Crisis Intervention, Community-Based Family Evaluation, and Para- Professional Services. 

At the same time, Nexus will continue to specialize in treating youth with histories of harmful sexual behaviors, offering three COA accredited residential programs for youth who exhibit a wide range of sexually reactive or aggressive behavior. Nexus also has Vocational education departments as part of its programs, to emphasize educational and career choices that are related to each resident’s skills. 

In 1997 Nexus established The Nexus Training Institute, in response to many requests from the referral community to provide training and education in the area of sexual offender treatment for professionals working with children and adolescents who have engaged in harmful sexual behavior. The Nexus Training Institute offers specialized intensive training, specialized certification, professional workshops, and educational seminars for those professional involved with children, adolescents, and families in need. 

“NTI is currently offering a specialized two-week Adolescent Sex Offender Counselor Training Course for professionals in mental health, social work, probation and parole, as well as for those interested in working with youth who have been sexually reactive, abusive, or sexually victimized. 

“The Nexus Training Institute is also offering an Adolescent Sex Offender Specialist Certification for professional counselors, family therapists, child care providers, social workers, human service workers, psychologists, and other interested professionals who have obtained a bachelors degree and have two years work experience in human services, or have a masters degree and one year experience in human services.” 

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