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New Perspectives - Oct, 1999 Issue #62 

 Seton Hall’s Online University
Dawn M. Hopkins
Assistant Program Director
South Orange, New Jersey USA
888-SETON-WW or 973-275-2543  

Seton Hall’s Online University is offering an Online Masters Degree in Counselor Preparation. They offer a 48-credit program consisting of nine competency areas, requiring two short residencies as part of the degree requirements. The program aims to “bring together like-minded persons who have in common the passion and purpose of making a difference in their local communities. 

Seton WorldWide’s approach to online learning uses “Learning teams” formed around a common set of goals and objects, to explore the way in which persons understand themselves and others. Incorporating behavioral, cognitive, emotional, moral, and spiritual orientations, “students should be open to viewing counseling as addressing the whole person on an intrapersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal basis.” 

Potential students are: 

  • Individuals who are active agents for constructive change, (volunteers or professional); 
  • Determined that their personal search for meaning and significance includes joining with others in creating pathways toward multidimensional fulfillment in living and working; and 
  • Who rejoice in the possibilities of human potential and appreciate the complexities of what individuals and communities face as they cope with and define their experience in the 21st century.” 

The program has two distinct learning teams, one focusing on: “Youth in the Context of Family, Society and School,” while the other focuses on “Adults in Transition.” Seton Hall also welcomes inquiries from individuals or organizations that wish to customize a learning team, to focus on a common interest and/or cultural variable. All learning teams study the same rigorous curriculum, still customizing it to address the team’s unique area of focus. 

“The program is designed to provide the necessary experiential and content-based learning experiences to train individuals to work in their communities locally, nationally, and globally. The key competency areas include: 

  • Counseling Theory and Practice; 
  • The Helping Relationship; 
  • Human Growth and Development 
  • Lifestyle and Career Development; 
  • Social and Cultural Foundations; and, 
  • Professional Orientation: The Counseling Profession. 

“Each student is expected to spend 12 to 18 hours per week to complete all course work and fully participate in “virtual seminar” discussions. Of course, there is no wasted time commuting to a traditional campus and finding a parking space.”

Seton Hall’s faculty is comprised of nationally recognized scholars and practitioners. The curriculum has been developed by leading authorities in their respective fields and is taught by a team dedicated to the new electronic learning format. Each course has an instructor who delivers the knowledge context of the module, directs the student’s learning and moderates the online discussions.” Seton worldwide provides electronic access to the school’s library. 

“All degrees are granted by Seton Hall University, the Catholic University of New Jersey and the oldest and largest diocesan university in the United States. Seton Hall is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.”

“In addition to our academic faculty, each degree program offers the real-life expertise and participation of leading experts from business, government and related areas. An Executive Mentor is available to students through online communication as well as in person at the on-site residential intensive weekends. These experts in the field will offer in-depth insights and perspectives based on their extensive experience and professional knowledge.” Visit Seton Hall's web site for additional information about the course of study and admission criteria. 

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