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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1998 Issue (page 2)

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Rob Cooley, Ex. Dir of Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions, 541-926-7252, info@cfreer.com, headquartered in Albany Oregon, announced several opportunities they have developed for students and their families to take advantage of the gains made on their therapy trek, and to provide quality recreation for families. “These include two and four-week whitewater and horse camps, three-day family river trips, volunteer trail work in the national forests, and the Oregon Transition Homes program.” The potential exists to lengthen a child’s experience to two months or longer within Catherine Freer. 

University of California at San Diego researchers, in a report “Morbidity and Mortality in the Wilderness,” found in the Western Journal of Medicine, analyzed Northwestern State park data for visitors from 1993- 95. They found most injuries in the wild are caused by common activities such as hiking, walking, skiing and driving, and most deaths are attributable to cardiac disease. For example, they found substance abuse and fighting accounted for three times as many injuries as rock climbing. And heart problems as a cause of death led the list by a wide margin, far ahead of drowning, falling, plane crashes, gunshots, asthma, avalanches, shark attacks, volcanic fumes, swimming over waterfalls and hypothermia. 

Lisa Von Colln, Public Relations Director for Center for Change Inc., in Orem, Utah, 801-224- 8255, mail@cfchange.com, announced a packet of information is available about the philosophy and treatment practices for eating disorders utilized at the Center for Change. The packet will be sent free of charge for the asking, and includes: How to determine the severity of an eating disorder. The proper treatment for differing severity levels of eating disorders. And, Insights about the development and perpetuation of eating disorders. 

Sterling Tanner and Sheron Fitch, 602-892-7403, are contacts for the new plans for Anasazi’s golf tournaments. Their on-going successful annual February Steve Young Classic will be renamed the Steve Young Desert Classic, named after San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young. Young has asked Anasazi to also coordinate his annual Utah charity golf tournament, which will be renamed the Steve Young Mountain Classic held on June 19th at Thanksgiving Point, in Lehi, Utah. Ezekiel C. Sanchez, co-founder of Anasazi, anticipates this will be very helpful in Anasazi’s goal of doubling their scholarship fund to $600,000 in 1998. 

Anasazi is initiating a series of monthly youth and parent fireside discussions/presentations. There is no charge, and all interested are welcome. Lasting 1-½ hours, they will be held in Mesa, Arizona on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Anasazi office, and the 1st Friday of each month at Lehi, Utah, at Thanksgiving Point, beginning July 3, 1998. For more information, call 602-892-7403. SHAMROCK ADDITION Shamrock Educational Alternative Co-Director Cathy Carter delivered a baby boy, Samuel Leiva Carter, Monday, June 9, 1998, at 6:30 PM. Sam’s weight was 7lbs, 1 once & 20 & ¾ inches long. Congratulations to Mom and Dad. Pictures have been requested for a future Woodbury Reports issue. 

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