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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1997 Issue (page 2)

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ďA feisty group headquartered in Fresno, California claims all public school reform efforts are doomed to failure because they fail to solve the root problems of state-run schooling.Ē The Separation of School & State Alliance, 209-292-1776, will have their third annual conference on November 21-22, 1997, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Presenters will include Howard Phillips, William Coulson, and Joseph Sobran. WILDERNESS QUEST ON CBS CABLE TV The CBS cable channel Eye on People, in a show called I Witness, featured Wilderness Quest, 208-522-1080, on September 26 and October 3. Wilderness Quest is a wilderness based adapted 12 step AA model and experiential cognitive self- discovery program. Larry Wells runs the program in Utah, and Anngela Ritter, in Idaho Falls, Idaho is the Admissions Director. They also announced Michele Forster is their new Family Coordinator. Michele has been serving as a chief Instructor for Wilderness Quest and is qualified to be licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Utah. 

Laurie Bleick, Director of Desert Mountain Youth Care Facility, near Coram, Montana, 406-387-5798, a nondenominational Christian long term residential program, announced they have made arrangements with nearby EAGLE HIGH SCHOOL, an Alternative public High School to provide academics for the residents of Desert Mountain YCF when the students have earned the trust to go to school off-campus. She also said the parents of their first student heard of them through Woodbury Reports, and virtually all of their subsequent inquiries have been generated by Desert Mountainís page on Woodbury Reports Online. 

Lorne Riddell, Director of Explorations, in Trout Creek, Montana, 406-827-3863, announced a unique offering in the near future. They are establishing a working partnership with the Jean Michel Cousteau Institute working on ocean environment projects, cross cultural situations, and the opportunity to learn film making and other global concern projects. Explorations will provide the participants, ages 14 through 25, and the instructors. The Institute will provide the planning of the expeditions. Expeditions will consist of experiences of from 10 days up to possibly a one year living experience. Flexibility is key to all this, according to Riddell, and this is designed more for the child needing a Time Out situation rather than a Transition or emotional growth experience. Call Lorne for further information and estimates of when enrollments will start. 

Wendy Hayward, 802-258-6471, recently with The DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and before that with Rocky Mountain Academy in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, is returning to Educational Consulting, but settling in West Dummerston, Vermont. After taking a summer break, she is looking to establish a practice in education program consulting along with helping parents of students looking to place their children in residential schools and programs. One area she is especially interested in working in is helping boarding schools develop transition elements for graduates of emotional growth schools. 

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