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Opinion & Essays - Aug, 1996 Issue 


June 17, 1996
Hi Lon:
I found your article about Parental Guilt interesting. I've been going through the same thing myself and you know I have a lot of experience with these kids. I'm sure you realize that one of the criteria in the DSMR4 for Reactive Attachment Disorder is "usually angry parents"! That's because they are tired of hearing "take a parenting class", "you need to change", "if you only spent more time with little so and so", and more of the same. These parents (myself included) want to kill! 
Lois Paul,
Ex. Dir. Help The Children, Stockton California. HTTP://www. adopting.org/htc.html 

(Thanks Lois. Being a father of four, I know the feeling. Unfortunately, it seems that those who buy into that advice are the ones who get into the guilt. -Lon) 
June 19, 1996
I am currently a Resident Director at the University of California, Davis. I am working with a colleague to try and develop what we are calling a series of "conduct seminars". Over the course of the last year we have found that more and more students living in the residence halls on campus are having some real difficulty making the transition to living in a community and following certain rules and expectations. In addition, they seem to have a real inability to communicate in a respectful way when they disagree with a lifestyle or opinion. Do you have any resources that I might be able to use to try and develop a workshop on respectful communication? Any help or referral to another site would be great. Thanks. 
Sue Franck
(The following was registered through the Woodbury Reports Internet's Homepage. The author is an Outward Bound instructor in Australia planning to visit the US this summer.) 

Adventure based counseling is a relatively new concept in Australia, and I am very much looking forward to making contact with professionals involved in wilderness therapy programs during my forth coming visit to America. Your suggestions, and the contacts found through your home page, will be of great assistance in this process.

July 7, 1996
My wife and I got a wake-up call on the 4th of July. Our daughter's defiant behavior escalated to the point where she threatened to use violence in the home. We chose to call the police to get her under control. The day before this incident I was introduced to a lady who opened my eyes to what was happening. The day after the incident, she showed us your reports and the information you have collected about Emotional Growth Programs. We have been vigorously reading this information for the last two days trying to decide how to help our daughter. Yesterday I looked at your home page on the INTERNET and I was really impressed. 

I would just like to say that three days ago I didn't know what to do. By talking to this lady, reading your information, and looking at all the information on your home page, I feel like we can make the right decisions to help our daughter. We still have a lot of questions and learning to do, but we feel like we are going in the right direction. Thank you for all the time and thought you have put into your report. It has given hope to our family. God bless you. 
A parent using the INTERNET.

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