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Quotes - Jun, 1996 Issue 

"I use the phrase 'sibling society' to suggest a culture fundamentally without fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, or ancestors...
   The deepening rage of the unparented is becoming a mark of the sibling society... What the young need--stability, presence, attention, advice, good psychic food, unpolluted stories--is exactly what the sibling society won't give them."
 Children will learn what they will learn they want and how they want, our best efforts notwithstanding.
- Daniel Greenberg, FREE AT LAST:  The Sudbury Valley School 
Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE "sold 600,000 copies to a population of 2,500,000, twenty percent of which was slave and another fifty percent indentured."
- John Taylor Gatto, "The 7-Lesson Schoolteacher", 1992. 

(note - In terms of 1996 with a population of 262 million Americans, an equivalent would be a book selling 65.5 million copies. 

"What's important to us is what the students want to take, not what the teachers want to give.  That's hard for alot of professional teachers to grasp."
- Daniel Greenberg, FREE AT LAST:
The Sudbury Valley School, 1987 
He that conquereth himself is greater than he that taketh a city.
- Proverbs
"Divorce, however, is not usually the act of a couple, but of an individual.  Eighty percent of divorces in this country are unilateral, rather than truly mutual, decisions.  Rather, the divorce revolution can be more accurately described as a shift of power, favoring the interests of one party over others:  the interests of the spouse who wishes to leave over those of the spouse who is being abandoned and over those of the children whose consent is not sought."
- Maggie Gallagher, THE ABOLITION OF MARRIAGE, 1996.

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