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New Perspectives - Apr, 1996 Issue #39 

Chesterfield, Missouri
by: Mike Lander - Camp Director

Dr. Tim Jordan's Kids Camp/Teen Camp is a special, week long, camp created to allow children and teenagers the opportunity to understand, feel and express their feelings, push themselves past self-imposed limits, develop positive leadership skills, develop more self confidence and take responsibility for their actions. Campers learn how to resolve conflict in peaceful win-win ways, ask for what they want in appropriate ways, handle peer pressure, set boundaries and say "no". 

Kids Camp/Teen Camp is created, owned and operated by Tim and Anne Jordan. The Jordan's have been sponsoring and conducting personal growth seminars, teen retreats, parenting classes, couples classes, children's camps and team building courses since 1986. Tim Jordan M.D. is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician with a private practice in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Time is spent each day on personal growth issues such as self- esteem building, sibling rivalry, handling feelings, peer pressure and more, largely through traditional camping activities. Kids Camp/Teen Camp is for kids ages 8-12 and teens ages 13- 17. 

Kids and teens have separate course room time (minimum of 4 hours each day) allowing them to feel safe to work on issues relevant to their age group. Some children come to handle specific struggles they are facing in their families, in school or in their lives. Kids Camp/Teen Camp has a varied background of children from all over the United States. 

Camper to counselor ratio is 3 to 1. All staff are trained by Dr. Jordan and are deeply committed to your child having the best learning experience possible. 

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