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News & Views - Dec, 1996 Issue #43 

Fasten Your Seatbelts 

This holiday season brings to a close the first real year of operation for Woodbury Reports Online. We’d like to thank the thousands of our friends and neighbors who dropped by and helped to make the site such a success. 

We measure ourselves by the utility we bring to those looking for answers on the internet, and by any standard, we’ve managed to be there at the right time for many parents and professionals needing information. 

The future is bright --not only for us, but for those needing help or direction in the world of character education and emotional growth. As we move into the new year, we do so with expanded contacts, resources and entertainment... but that’s just the beginning. 1997 will bring real-time, in-person live discussions, enhanced resource systems and way too many more features to list. 

We’ve heard the thanks we’ve gotten, and we certainly appreciated it. But we managed to be a part of a chain of help for troubled youth, and that’s why we have such pride in what we do. Thank you all for helping us. 

The Staff at Woodbury Reports Online 

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