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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 1996 Issue (page 1).

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Joey Dusina of Guiding Hands, 800-591-4263, a transport business, reports they have moved into a new office in Bountiful, Utah. They have new staff members in Spokane Washington, Las Vegas Nevada, Salt Lake City Utah, and Southern and Northern California. He also reports all his staff have completed PART - R certification (Physical Assault Response Training) and says Guiding Hands is “currently the only adolescent services company to utilize a JACHO and police authorized training program. They can be found on the Internet’s World Wide Web at http://www.guidinghands.com.

 Rocky Top Academy, outside Anaconda Montana, was closed by local authorities one year ago (September, 1995) based on allegations of abuse and fraud. Director and Founder Tom Gregory has been charged with seven felonies. He has denied all charges. His case still seems no closer to coming to trial than it was last Fall. In August, the Colorado VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws) organization, (HotLine 303-233-5321) printed a story “The System Swallows Rocky Top Academy.” On August 5, 1996, in response to several requests for assistance, Montana U.S. Senator Conrad Burns wrote a letter to Joseph P. Mazurek, Montana Attorney General, requesting he look into and evaluate the situation. On August 14, 1996, Assistant Attorney General John P. Connor answered the Senator’s letter for the Attorney General pointing out the matter is in the jurisdiction of the district court and “it would be a serious conflict of interest for Mr. Mazurek to assert a position in this matter.” Also, in August, Tom Gregory filed for bankruptcy due to the authorities making it impossible for him to earn a living. I also received a copy of a letter written in August by Michael Hansen, a former staff member who worked at rocky Top Academy the months before Rocky Top was closed who wrote “I never witnessed any abuse in the entire time I worked at the school. I saw only the opposite, a loving, caring director giving the students the kindness and structure they needed to grow and mature in.” 

In July, Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, Arizona, 602-892-7403, “received a Certificate of Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children.” “Accreditation provides assurance that the agency is performing services which the community needs, conducting its operations safely and effectively and managing its funds wisely. The procedure involves an in-depth detailed examination of the agency’s operation, including personnel, safety, fiscal, and program management.” 

Amy Sobieszczyk, Director of Admission for Three Springs of Blue Ridge, in Blue Ridge, Georgia, 706-632-6868, announced they are now offering an Interim Care Service for boys 11-17. This is for families waiting for a group to start in a short term program or to complete the admission process for a long term program. In addition to highly structured therapeutic supervision, the service will work with the boys to continue their academic instruction, to monitor medication, provide nursing services, and will include adventure based services including experiential outings. 

Eddie E. Curry, Chula Vista, California, 800-873-9554, announced they have changed their name from “Back on Track” to “World Wide Adolescent Services.” They have also changed their phone number so those of you who already have them in your rolodex, please mark their new phone number as 800-873-9554. They specialize in transporting young people to schools and programs, emphasizing preparing the child for their new school or program. They encourage people to call with questions. 

Britten Poulson, M.A., has joined the admissions staff at Cascade School in Whitemore, California (916) 472-3031. He is filling in for Judy Becks who is on maternity leave. Britten has been a counselor at Cascade School for the past two and a half years. He will continue in Admissions after Judy’s return, and expects to be meeting a lot of consultants and other professionals at future IECA conferences. [This article is outdated.  Cascade School closed January 20, 2004.]

Rob Crawford, Ex. Dir. For Western Washington Family Network, in Bellingham Washington, 360-650-0559, announced they have had several successful groups this last year and are reaching out to provide the service to teens outside the western Washington area. This “is a Christian ministry committed to providing life changing experiences to at-risk teens and their families through teaching basic behavioral skills, focusing on others and providing family reconciliation counseling.” The program consists of six days of skills training in Bellingham, approximately ten days on a trip to Mexico doing services like building houses, followed by three days of family reconciliation back in Bellingham. Their prices are reasonable, and seems to provide an experience for a teen with emotional/behavioral problems that do not need the intensity of the emotional growth wilderness expeditions. 

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