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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1995 Issue (page 2).

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Straight Arrow Program Consolidates Phones
Shirley Morelli of Straight Arrow Program in Northeast Washington tells me they are consolidating their phones into one line. The new number used to be just their FAX number. The reach them by voice or FAX, use 509-445-1131. 

A Safe And Positive Ending
Bob Kirkpatrick (The Empty Place, WR #33, April 1995) reports his daughter returned home from her adventure with a young man of questionable character. She had a fever, slept for five days, and ate like a horse the first couple of days. Some of those she trusted abandoned her when the going got rough, and others she trusted stole most of her possessions. It seems she learned some valuable lessons the hard way, and who it was she could REALLY trust. We're glad the story had a safe and a little more positive ending than some. For those of you tied into the Internet, Bob can be reached at bobk@dogear.com

Congratulations Judy
Those of you who know Judy Tofflemire, Admissions at Cascade School in Whitmore, California make a note: Her name is now Judy Becks! She was married this May. Congratulations Judy!! 

New Addition To The Royal Haven Household
Briana is the newest addition to the Royal Haven household in Bend, Oregon. Briana was born to parents Steve and Karen Gage on May 3, 1995. Congratulations! 

Tom Bratter Gives Presentation
Tom Bratter, Founder of John Dewey Academy in Massachusetts, joined the adjunct faculty of Harvard Medical Schools Department of Continuing Education to give a 50 minute lecture to 750 credentialed Mental Health professionals. The faculty consisted of the most prominent researchers in the fields of alcoholism and substance abuse. He was the only clinician on the faculty. Bratter's presentation was titled when Psychotherapy Becomes a War: Intervention with Self-Destructive, Gifted Addicted Adolescents and was so well received he has been invited to participate in a future symposium devoted to Adolescent Suicide. Bratter is on the advisory board of the American Academy of Health Providers in the Addictive Disorders. 

Two Expeditions This Summer
Larry Wells, Founder of Wilderness Conquest, reports good response to his return in operating a wilderness program in Utah. He plans two expeditions this summer, and the first one is already close to being filled. Information can be obtained from Anngela Ritter, Admissions Director, at 208-522-1080. 

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