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Seen 'n Heard - Apr, 1995 Issue (page 3).

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Spring Creek Offers Full Range Of Experiences
Steve Cawdrey, Founder/Co-Director of Spring Creek Community which was founded in 1979 near Thompson Falls, Montana as an alternative school for young people, reports a full range of experiences for young people in trouble (See Steve's article Believing is Seeing in this issue). Family Intensives are 7 day experiences scheduled several times a year for anyone interested in exploring addictions, adolescent behavior, family patterns and parenting from a new paradigm. For longer term for the students, the basic experience is called Groundings, a 30-60 day intervention. Connecting is the next phase, a 3-6 month experience designed for co-educational community living, working a recovery program, taking direction and accepting responsibility. For the student who wants to be there, Learning helps them work a recovery program for personal sobriety, seek a spiritual path, prepare for college, a job and learns to honor his/her own process. 406-827-4344. 

Changes At Secret Harbor School
Rich Hanson has been named Program Manager for Secret Harbor School on Cypress Island outside Anacortes, Washington, and Norm Englund, MSW, has been appointed Clinical Supervisor. Previously, Brian Carroll had taken over as Executive Director. The program declined to renew their contract with Washington's Division of Children & Family Services, primarily because of the state's no decline clause. They are now actively seeking out-of-state placements from school districts and the private sector. They also have developed a cooperative relationship with Skagit Recovery Center to add a recovery component, have added an 8-unit computer and integrating that into content area classes. For more information, call 360-293-5151. 

Mount Bachelor Academy Announces Their Sixth Annual Summer Program
Sarah Persha, Admission Director of Mount Bachelor Academy in Bend, Oregon announced their Sixth Annual Summer Venture program will start July 10th. The focus is on learning while experiencing the challenge of the wilderness. It is for boys and girls, ages 13-17. For more information, call 800-462-3404. 

Catherine Freer Announces Summer Programs
Robert Cooley, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the year-round Catherine Freer Therapy Expeditions in Oregon, announced this summer he will also be conducting the Cooley River Expeditions Whitewater Summer Camp, a three-week experience for young people, and the 14 day Catherine Freer Primitive Living Skills Summer Camp for 10 to 14 year olds. Call 503-926-7252 for information. 

Wilderness Program Series Done On CNN
CNN did a series on wilderness programs starting March 31st, focusing on the three deaths in the bootcamp wilderness style programs in Utah over the past several years. They did balance it out somewhat by saying there are good programs without these problems, showing scenes from the ANASAZI wilderness program in Arizona. 

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