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Seen 'n Heard - Feb, 1995 Issue (page 2).

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New Dominion School Adds New Staff
New Dominion School, in Virginia and Maryland, has added a number of new staff members. George E. McKenney, Ed. D., is the Director of Education; Laurie Rudy has extensive experience in special education; and Dr. Albert M. Powell, Jr., M.D. is available as needed for consultation on psychiatric services. 

Three Springs To Ensure Confidentiality & Privacy
To ensure the confidentiality and privacy of their residents and their families, Three Springs, at Trenton, Alabama is assigning each resident with his or her own individual identification number which will be required from anyone wishing to receive reports on the progress of the child, or even to confirm if the child is at the school. 

Transportation Business Has New Name
Joey Dusina announced that as of January 24, his transport business has a new name, a new phone number, and shortly will have a new address, moving to Salt Lake City in Utah. The name of Joey's new business is Guiding Hands, and the new phone number is 800-591-HAND(4623). The names of the owners and operators who intend to continue Helping Hands are Hugh McKinnies, Keith Porter, and Robert Dorne. They will continue business with the old phone number of 800-288-9384 with the same offices at 4642 E. Chapman Ave., #114, Orange, California 92669. 

Felony Child-Abuse Charges Being Filed Against Staff
Los Angeles Times Magazine published an article on January 15, 1995 entitled AA Death In The Desert. It is regarding the investigation into the death of a 16 year old while participating in an expedition in Utah with North Star Expeditions Inc. which has resulted in felony child-abuse charges being filed against the staff by the state of Utah. The article does distinguish between paramilitary (boot camp) type programs and other respected wilderness programs. 

Northstar Center Update
On January 18, 1995, Dennis Crowell and Jane W. Stewart of NORTHSTAR CENTER in Bend, Oregon sent a letter to all their referring sources reminding them that The NorthStar Center does not now have nor never has had any connection with North Star Expeditions. We are a small independent living program operating out of Bend, Oregon. We serve young adults ages 18-24. While we have a 14-day wilderness expedition as part of our program, it is very different from the program offered in the Utah-based program.... While tragedies do occur that are not the responsibility of the people or programs leading the expeditions, we are grateful to have never experienced a serious injury or death of any student under our care. 

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