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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1995 Issue (page 2).

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Mount Bachelor Announces The Opening Of Their Bend Campus
Mount Bachelor Academy, in Prineville, Oregon, 800-462-3404, announced the opening of their Bend Campus. This is a program designed to serve the individual needs of MBA's over-18 year old students who have completed a minimum of three to four of the emotional growth workshops, and have proven a readiness for greater independence. It will provide a transitional living experience supervised by resident MBA mentors, and students will have employment opportunities, attend college courses, and experience the challenge of appropriate social and community involvement. 

Jeffrey Johnson Rejoined The Admission Department
Jeffrey Johnson, who was Admissions Counselor and Admissions Director for Mount Bachelor Academy from 1988 to 1992, has rejoined the Admissions Department as Admission Department Associate, working with Admission Director Sarah Persha, Admission Counselor Chip Huge, and Admission Secretary Jo Dee Welty. Sarah Persha plans to take maternity leave in mid-January. Congratulations and good luck Sarah on your anticipated new arrival. 

Echo Springs Opens Phase 2 Office
Echo Springs Transition Study Center, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 208-267-1111, designed for young adults ages 18 or older who need extra help and structure to transition into adulthood, announced it opened its Phase 2 office near the North Idaho College campus in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It will be used as a study and meeting space as the students transition back into college life. They currently have a few openings for students in Phase 1 which is still located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. 

Adding Educational Placement Counseling
Jodi Tuttle, half of the Tuttle/Gundry Networking team, will add Educational placement counseling to her portfolio of professional services starting December 1, 1995. We all know her through the popular Tuttle/Gundry professional tours they have been conducting. Carol Gundry will continue the tours as before, and Jodi will continue to help as time permits. They can be reached at 801-462-2566. Good luck on your new endeavor Jodi, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. 

Peterson's Restructures
Bill Cole (609-243-9111) has been promoted by Peterson's (publisher of Peterson's Guides to Schools) to Vice-President of the company. This seems to be part of the restructuring after Peterson's (A Princeton, New Jersey company) being bought out by a London Publishing Company. Bill says the entrance of the new owner adds considerable depth to what Peterson's can do. 

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