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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1994 Issue (page 3).

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Saddlehorn Ranch Prepares For Their First Summer Season
Adarah and Tremain of Saddlehorn Ranch, north of Bonners Ferry, Idaho are busy preparing the ranch for their first summer season of adolescents. The remodeling of the house is almost complete and the teepees have arrived. The livestock (horses, llamas, chickens, etc) are ready for a summer of adolescent care. (My favorite is the chicken which froze its beak off last winter, thus showing off its chickenlips). 

Desert Hills Receives Champus Approval
Desert Hills has announced CHAMPUS approval of their Adolescent and Early Childhood programs. 

Deckhouse Reports Academic Success
Art Garey, Headmaster of the Deckhouse in Edgecomb, Maine reports good academic success of two young men, one of whom came to them from the Exploration's summer program and the other from the Galena Ridge program, both in Montana. 

Woodbury Reports Directory
Requests for the first edition of the Woodbury Reports' Directory of Summer Emotional Growth Programs and the 6th edition of the Directory of Year Round Outstanding Emotional Growth Schools and Programs (both updated as of April 1994) are coming in from parents and consultants all over the country (and a few from other countries) at an ever increasing rate. Fortunately we have an unlimited supply. If you would like to have these references on your desk, you can use the order form on the last page of this newsletter or call Lon or Linda. 

USA Today Runs Article On Hyde School
USA TODAY ran an article on April 20, 1994 about Joe Gauld and Malcolm Gauld's Hyde School in Bath, Maine -- "WHERE VALUES ARE THE FIRST, MOST IMPORTANT LESSON." The article featured Hyde's CHARACTER FIRST curriculum successfully taught at Hyde and now beginning to make inroads into a few public school settings. 

Northwoods Offers Educational Opportunity
David Yeats, owner of Northwoods Trailside School in Bonners Ferry, Idaho has announced that after the completion of this season's summer program, he will offer probably four students a very special educational opportunity. These appropriate students will be able to join David and Megan and their three young daughters in an educational year traveling around the country. A custom- designed vehicle is in the works to accommodate 9 or 10 people, and Dave and Meg will be the groups' accredited- course work teachers for both traditional and lots of hands-on "classes" as they experience the U. S. 

Now Can Enroll Students Immediately
ASPEN ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMY, Bicknell, Utah, reports they can now enroll students IMMEDIATELY at any time. They have made arrangements with several families to take in students who are waiting for trips to start, and for runaway risks, Aspen has an arrangement with a facility in Salt Lake City to take in the student on a short-term basis. 

New Residential Girls Program Opens In The Fall
Craig A. Christiansen, M.A., has been named the Executive Director of The Academy at Sisters, Sisters, Oregon, a new residential girls school program opening in the Fall. 503- 389-1409. 

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