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Schools & Program Visits - April, 1994 Issue #27 

Andrew Wilson, Director of Admissions
Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Visit by: Tom Croke, July, 1993 

Although not fitting the usual definition of a special purpose school, Grier deserves a brief mention. I visited Grier on recommendation of Grand River Academy, where I have placed boys, and to do some research for another consultant concerned about how well they handle their international population. 

This school may be a good choice, no a great choice for a young lady on the rebound following placement in a special purpose school. Its two track academic program creates the ability to respond appropriately to both the academically outstanding and the average. More impressive is the supportive community on campus. Many boarding schools offer a climate of nurture and support from professional faculty. Grier has that, but also an extremely nurturing peer support. This is something I do not often see developed to such an extent, except in the therapeutic schools and those with a more structured personal growth curriculum, like Hyde. 

I had the opportunity to discuss the Grier experience with one young lady who had gone to Grier from Three Springs. Grier had spared her the painful adjustment with goes with the 24 hour peer support of a therapeutic setting. Maybe that is because Grier has it too. 

Grier's catalog or view book tells the rest of the story. It offers information at a level of detail most schools do not include in their view books. Not many of us pass through Tyrone, PA routinely, but it is well worth the side trip from the PA Turnpike or Route I?80. If you pass through Latrobe on the way, stop for lunch with me. 

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