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New Perspectives - Feb, 1994 Issue #26 

Red Cliff ASCENT, Inc.
Provo, UT. * (801) 674-9813
Darrell Lewis, Admissions 

Red Cliff ASCENT, Provo, UT. opened its doors 4 years ago and offers a multi-faceted "wilderness experience." The purpose is to offer several different type of experiences so the exact mix can be selected which best provides the experience each individual child needs. 

There are 4 separate types of experiences. A child could go through all four, or what most often happens, the child can go through the one, two or three experiences that best fits his/her needs. 

(1) 30 to 45 days high impact experience in a controlled wilderness environment. 

(2) 30 to 90 days in an intensive residential treatment facility (ranch setting). 

(3) 30 to 60 days in a specialty home (family living.) 

(4) 7 to 14 days in a family unification orientation. 

The wilderness impact phase takes place in southern Utah where Mother Nature issues natural and immediate consequences. The wilderness team includes an operations manager, field director, therapists, and field staff. All are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR in addition to their wilderness training. 

The Residential Treatment Center of Ascent is located outside Mona, Utah, approximately 33 miles south of Provo, a remote, rural setting. This Center is comprised of an accredited academic program, work and vocational opportunities, recreational experiences, and therapeutic intervention. All IEP's are created and monitored by a certified teacher. 

Vocational opportunities are varied in the ranch setting: hauling hay, picking fruit, building fences, digging ditches, working with animals, concrete work, demolition, framing, dry walling, woodworking, landscaping, carpentry, auto body, and cabinet making. 

The family living and family reunification components in a gradual fashion prepare an adolescent for living at home and recognizing and establishing healthy communication skills discovered while at Red Cliff ASCENT. 

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