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New Perspectives - Dec, 1994 Issue #31 

CARL PFEIFFER Treatment Center
Naperville, IL
by: Linda Shaffer
(208) 263-8394 

The Carl Pfeiffer Treatment Center is an outpatient facility developed to assist persons with biochemical imbalances, with emphasis on behavior dysfunctions, learning difficulties, depression, and mental illness. The Center is operated by the Health Research Institute (HRI), a not-for-profit corporation. 

Approximately 70 per cent of individuals served are young persons exhibiting learning problems or behavior disorders. Many with academic problems have previously been diagnosed as being learning disabled, hyperactive, ADD, MBD, or dyslexic. Adolescents with behavior disorders commonly exhibit severe stress dyscontrol which may result in prolonged tantrums, rage attacks or Jekyll-Hyde behavior. 

The remaining 30 per cent suffer from a variety of biochemical disorders and may have been previously diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder or schizophrenia. 

The Center identifies specific chemical imbalances through extensive chemical testing and provides individualized treatments for balancing body chemistry. 

For most adolescents the process consists of two visits, followed by annual consultations. History, symptoms, and laboratory results are evaluated by the medical and scientific team. Drug medications such as Ritalin, cylert and anti-depressants do not interfere, they report, with testing and evaluation. Most patients are successful in obtaining insurance coverage. 

Since the Center opened its doors in June, 1989, over 4,000 persons have been treated under this system, which involves a collaboration of medical doctors and biochemists. The Center reports treatment effectiveness is very high with most families indicating major improvement. Others indicate incomplete reduction in symptoms but significant improvement, however. 

The Center is an outgrowth of 15 years of HRI research which has yielded strong evidence of the role of chemical imbalances in behavior disorders, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and hyperactivity. HRI has identified distinctive trace metal patterns which predominate in persons with behavioral or learning problems but are relatively uncommon in the general population. 

In 1982, HRI's William Walsh, Ph.D., began a collaboration with Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on chemical imbalances and founder of the Princeton Bio Center in New Jersey. These drug-free treatments based around prescribing natural supplements are designed to correct specific chemical imbalances. 

After Carl Pfeiffer appeared on the Phil Donahue Show last year, the Center reported hundreds of additional applications from families with a child exhibiting various types of behavioral problems. 

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