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News & Views - Dec, 1994 Issue #31 

October 7, 1994 

About 30 professionals from around the West met at Shamrock Acres in Newman Lake, Washington. Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, California and Utah were represented. Most of the time was spent networking, exchanging information, and socializing. On Saturday morning, Lon called the meeting to order and the following issues were discussed: 

TRANSPORT ISSUES: Discussion started with the recent San Francisco Chronicle articles that implied that students are being treated like criminals when they are transported to treatment programs. The conclusion of the discussion was to start developing a guidelines and standards for transporting students, which will be published for comment in the newsletter. 

LEGISLATION FOR A NEW CATEGORY: Dave Pitkin, of Skyland Ranch, Gold Bar, Washington talked about emotional growth facilities not fitting under any categories for licensing. He has written a new description for the State of Washington, but so far no one in the State government has shown much interest. It was a general consensus that the schools and programs need to develop operating rules or the States will eventually write them for us. A committee was formed to discuss and make recommendations for licensing which consisted of Cherie De Marais from Montana, Dave Pitkin from Washington, 206-793-2611, Tremain Albright from Idaho, 208-267-7407, Mary Thielbahr from Idaho, 208-263-5894, Paul Sauer from Oregon, 503-926-7252, and Darrell Lewis from Utah. 

ASSOCIATION: There was a general discussion and interest in forming a more formal group. 

LIABILITY INSURANCE: Tremain Albright, Saddlehorn Ranch, Idaho, brought up his concerns with liability. It was suggested that becoming a corporation would offer some protection, and the pros and cons were discussed. 

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be at Shamrock Acres on April 14, 15, and 16. The format will continue to be informal. The members of the group are encouraged to bring a legislator from their state to our April meeting. 

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