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Opinion & Essays - Feb, 1993 Issue #20 

A Study of English Therapeutic Communities published 1990

Starting in 1987, eleven therapeutic communities for children and young people in England, calling themselves the Charterhouse Group, started meeting with the support of the Peper Harow Foundation. One of the results was this small scale study "to look at the communities themselves and the effects upon children and young people who use their services." The number of spaces for children in the communities programs) involved were 366.

The first sections describe the therapeutic communities, and the type and background of the children they work with, parameters of the study, etc. In the conclusion, the answer to the question, "Do Children and Young People Make Measurable Progress During Their Time In Residence?," the answer was yes, based on the information gathered.

Chapter seven, with tables, etc., deals with the specifics of emotional and behavioral development during residence. School behavioral problems dropped most drastically, though that might be due to residential schooling. On control issues, older boys and girls showed a decrease in symptoms while younger children showed a slight increase. Attempts or threat of suicide was marginally down, but stayed the same for older girls. For learning in school, older boys showed some improvement but younger ages did not. Persistent fears decreased significantly for older boys and younger children, but remained a factor for older girls. Enuresis was mostly a younger child symptom, and had almost completely disappeared. Legal offenses were significantly reduced.

The report was sent to me by the Peper Harow Foundation, 14 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AX tel: 071-251 6072/0672.

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