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New Perspectives - Feb, 1993 Issue #20 

Boonville, California 95415
Co-Director: Robin C. Harris

Quest is a nonsectarian school for 16 boys, ages 6 to 18, focusing on those students whose needs "fall between the extremes of the College Preparatory school and the Residential Treatment program." They prefer to work with "families in which the student is willing to make a commitment to growth and change." They are a 9-month program following the traditional school year with a one month summer program. They are most comfortable with 12-15 students. The following comes from the school's philosophy statement: "Many of our children are failing to live up to the hopes and expectations of the adults they once tried so desperately to please -especially in the classroom. Some no longer try. For whatever reason -because they are no longer motivated to achieve or because their learning style and pace is different from that of their classmates -they do not measure up. Some demonstrate behavior difficulties as well, and many are now in a vicious circle. Did their learning and behavior difficulties have their genesis in a poor sense of worth, or is their low self-esteem a result of their feelings of frustration, helplessness and failure? Who can say where it all began. At Quest, we know that whatever the source of the problem, our job is to help them break out of the circle -to help them realize that they have worth, talent and the potential for success. There is no panacea for this, no magic formula that works with every boy or girl. Each of our students is unique, and each requires a slightly different kind of intervention. Sometimes the breakthrough will happen in the academic program; usually not."

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