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Seen 'n Heard - Dec, 1993 Issue (page 3).

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Successful Wilderness Experience Complete For Parents & Children
Northstar Center in Bend, Oregon, 503-385-8657, completed a successful wilderness experience for five sets of parents and their children in October in the Oregon Cascades. This experience was not only to give the parents a taste of part of what their children had been experiencing while enrolled at Northstar, but through role reversal, the students took charge of taking care of their parents' needs. The most important result was all families learned how to work together better through real tasks in real situations, such as starting a fire so food could be cooked, preparing shelters for warmth and protection, etc.

Changes At Aspen Achievement Academy
Tere Snodgrass, admissions at Aspen Achievement Academy, will be establishing an Aspen office in Virginia. Her new role will be primarily to work directly with consultants referring students to Aspen. Bill Anderson has just joined Aspen to work on marketing. His work at this time will emphasize the East Coast, developing marketing networks. Watch the next issue of Reports for more details.

Former Admissions Director Establishes Coffee Shop
Jeff Johnson, formerly Admissions Director at Mount Bachelor Academy in Bend, Oregon and Southwestern Academy in Arizona, with his wife Jeannie who is a teacher, have established and are running a coffee shop in Ashland, Oregon. They enjoy the environment of a college town and the Shakespeare Festival, but are still interested in keeping touch with emotional growth education and someday perhaps return to it.

Northstar Co-Founder Is Back
Jeannie Crowell, co-founder of Northstar Center in Bend, Oregon has completed her leave of absence and is back actively involved with the program, emphasizing work with the Apartment Living Phase and the final phase of the Northstar year.

Professor & Author Led Echo Springs' First Writing Workshop
Dr. Paul Zolbrod, professor of English at Allegheny College and author of the book Dine Behave', about a Navajo creation myth, recently led Echo Springs' first writing workshop. Echo Springs, a transition program for students age 18 and above located outside Sandpoint, Idaho, plans to bring in a series of well-known professionals to conduct workshops on a variety of subjects. The idea is to give the students exposure to some of the leading thinkers in the country without having the expenses of hiring them full time.

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