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New Perspectives - Dec, 1993 (#25) 

Fort Bidwell, California
Jim McLaughlin, Academic Dean

This is a new year-round boarding school in Northeastern California, located in Surprise Valley near Oregon and Nevada. They plan a solid college prep academic curriculum, along with help for significant personal changes in the lives of their students.

"Character building is the key goal in our program". They are "looking for students in grades 7 through 12 who need help in dealing with: peer relationships; underachievement in school; depression and low personal confidence; and improving family relationships and communication." They will be working with parents as "partners in the growth of their children."

The academic program will be year-round in 10-week terms with four 3-week breaks. The breaks will provide ample time for family vacations and on-campus family workshops.

"The daily routine of caring for animals, learning to do essential chores, sharing in projects and special activities (trail rides, moving cattle from place to place, helping build and maintain ranch fixtures, etc.) creates meaningful experiences for positive character building."

Their philosophy statement goes on to say; "The most important consideration when preparing young people for adult life is character.... The following attributes are key elements in good character: joy, honesty, enthusiasm, compassion, dependability, patience, peace, industry, kindness, trustworthiness, and self-control.... As personal integrity and strength develops, excellence in academic, vocational, and social skills will be a natural result.... We believe the key to motivate young people is to help them learn to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.... We believe that students can do much more than they think they can.... We build from success.... Students rise to meet expectations."

"These are the same expectations the staff holds for ourselves. No double standards, no excuses, no exceptions. The most nurturing environment is one that gives love generously in a setting of order and discipline. Students need the safety and security of such a place to grow and learn effectively. We also believe that these expectations are universally practical for long-term success in education, career and personal life."

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